Side B (XLV)

by Googolplexia



Side B from the 45 REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE, 45 SECONDS PER SONG, A 45TH BIRTHDAY 45 record. The Googz tune, "XLV," is the fourth of five within the track/side. It is also (I think?) the only song on the record that's actually about turning or being 45 years old, and it's one of only three (out of nine total from the whole record) that clock in at exactly 45 seconds long.

Really you should download the entire thing, here:


I've often thought this time of life was a special one, somehow;
I'm four-and-a-half in decades-old, with wisdom so endowed;
To Horace and Livy, I have been privy; through Ovid, I did plow;
For recently I was XLIV, but I'm XLV now

I used to read works by Mann and Goethe, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche;
But now I've found my calling, and it's Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Suetonius in my toga, Virgil back at my domus abode;
Its atrium and vestibulum on the Appian Way road;
Take orders from Julius Caesar, not from Hammurabi's Code, and

If I were an ancient Roman, I'd be XLV years old, yes!
If I were an ancient Roman, I'd be XLV years old, hey!


released December 15, 2015
Song Listing for this Track/Side: 3 Of 5 - "Space Empire Genocide" // Matt Harnish's Pink Guitar - "Perfect Love" (featuring Jenn Higerd's Pink Ukulele) // Mario Viele - "Milliseconds At A Time" // Googolplexia - "XLV" // Cassie Morgan - "Fair Weather"

Accordion, kazoo, fake drums, hand-claps, sound effects, ukulele, vocals: Googolplexia

Also, for the record--accordion on that Matt Harnish's Pink Guitar (featuring Jenn Higerd's Pink Ukulele) song: Googolplexia



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Googolplexia Missouri

With his electric banjo and ukulele, accordion and trombone kazoo, Robert Severson has crafted Saint Louis, Missouri's Googolplexia into a one-man outsider vaudeville. Severson stomps, claps, and gurgles into the disparate, cobwebbed corners of American music and sometimes beyond. Expect screwball theatrics at their most hand-embroidered. ... more

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