Holiday Rockin'

by Googolplexia



This song was written for the second annual Xmas Round II Musical Bonanza Blowout (which took place on 12 January, MMIII). It was the final track on A VERY BERT DAX CHRISTMAS, VOLUME THREE. A Christmas Carol of sorts, it seems to simultaneously say a whole lot and nothing at all. As the song says, though, don't read into it, just rock out. Cuz isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Recorded, Sequenced (Where Applicable), & Mixed by Ron Warner at The Music Room in We Love My Nose Studios; Wildwood, MO


I've spent one too many Christmas pasts
Wond'rin' how long the thing could last
Seen carolers wand'rin' in the snow,
Salvation Army Santas, wherever ya go

Hannukah's menorah, up on the wall
Never did it for ya, like shoppin' at the mall...But

This year the holidays are for rockin' and rollin'
Christmas cheer and a swig of beer, and the carol bells are tollin'
Get in gear, yes listen here, to the words I'm repeating
Make no mistake, grab a piece of fruitcake...
And rock along to my Season's Greeting

I've been waitin' in this line all day,
Wonderin' how I'm gonna pay
Eight times more than these gifts are worth
It's time to find another way to celebrate Christ's birth

Take off your snow boots, put on yer dancin' shoes
Forget those guys in red suits, we'll rock away your holiday blues


I'm sick of all this Christmas and Hannukah stuff,
Kwanzaa, Tet, and Ramadan, I've had enough
Who cares if it's all just a commercial tool?
I'll use any excuse I can to light up the yule, and I've

Found a solution, for making so much more
Of a New Year's resolution, grab a partner and get out on the floor

Commercial Christmases are always such a bore
(why don't you just)
Take down your Christmas tree and throw it out the door?
(and then you can)
Heed my advice, you know, I've told you thrice before
(get on your feet)
Show you know how to dance...

You might have taken note of the ambiguous nature
Of this makeshift Christmas carol, but these days
Finding parody versions of your holiday's songs is like
Shooting fish in a barrel, so don't you
Undertake to find out what the meaning of this song is,
It can only leave a person in great peril, this song's for
Rocking and for rolling so I want you to quit thinking...
And rock along to my Season's Greeting!


released December 4, 2004
Googolplexia - Piano, Fake Carol Bells, Bass Guitar, Tin Whistle, Bass Drum, Vocals (Plus Lounge Singer, Request Voices, and "Auld Lang Syne" Vocals)

Ron Warner: Guitar, Drums, Fake Tuba, Request Voices/"Auld Lang Syne" Vocals

Catburger McMillan: Request Voices/"Auld Lang Syne" Vocals

Cecil Mortimer: Request Voices/"Auld Lang Syne" Vocals



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Googolplexia Missouri

With his electric banjo and ukulele, accordion and trombone kazoo, Robert Severson has crafted Saint Louis, Missouri's Googolplexia into a one-man outsider vaudeville. Severson stomps, claps, and gurgles into the disparate, cobwebbed corners of American music and sometimes beyond. Expect screwball theatrics at their most hand-embroidered. ... more

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